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Welcome to Therapy In Motion Massage Techniques, Ltd.'s website!  I'm Brenda G. Sizemore, a licensed massage therapist in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.



It is the mission of Therapy In Motion Massage Techniques, Ltd., Brenda G. Sizemore, Licensed Massage Therapist, to provide to the public a safe and stress-free atmosphere in which to receive therapeutic massage.  By promoting the highest professional standards, I strive to further the public's respect, acceptance, and awareness of the importance of massage therapy as a vital part of the health care profession today.  Massage therapy involves manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to promote health and wellness.  90% of disease is stress related and massage therapy greatly reduces stress!!!


Massage therapy is a form of communication through touch.  Human touch communicates positive, soothing messages to both the body and the mind.  Touch heals by facilitating mental clarity, reducing anxiety, and fighting depression.  The touch provided in massage can help you feel more comfortable with yourself and with your body, factors that contribute to healthy self-esteem.  The relaxation response induced by massage on both physical and mental levels triggers recuperative processes in the body and mind. 

The significance and healing power of human touch has been in recorded existence since the year 2200b.c. as one of the oldest means used for the relief of bodily infirmities.  

The absence of touch contributes to the emptiness and lack of connection with the world that so many people experience in today's high-paced, technological society.  Being starved for consistent, nurturing touch may even account, to some extent, for the pervasiveness of anxiety, stress, depression, aggression, and even heart disease, which are so much a part of American culture today.

The key mechanism through which massage improves health is stress reduction.  Too much stress suppresses your immune system, threatening your health and well being.  The touch provided in massage therapy can break this potentially devastating stress cycle, thus allowing your immune system to function more effectively. 


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